The study and design of an athletic complex or of a playground is a demanding process due to the facts that every space follows some basic operation principles and that every owner has different preferences and demands. Additionally, the development in the field of athletic and surrounding areas equipment is rapid. Technological advancement, change in the lifestyle and the evolving social structure enforce new principles and standards in modern garden structures and landscape design.

Simpraxis SPAU with its specialized personnel conducts a landscape and then a feasibility study (materials technical description and materials/cost detailed statement). The photo-realistic graphic designs of Simpraxis SPAU are very close to reality due to the company's state-of-the-art software. The company is in direct contact with its partners, whom she collaborates with upon special projects design and the provision of solutions for very specific problems.

What makes Simpraxis SPAU standing out is the diversity of its projects, as well as the way it handles them. Every project is a unique target, with a functional, aesthetic and constructional quality.



Simpraxis SPAU is continuously and systematically informed about the latest design and construction methods, as well as about the new principles and standards of the EU. This is achieved through its ongoing collaboration with the technical staff of the sector's most renowned companies in Greece and abroad and with continuous visits in specialized international exhibitions around the world that enrich its experience.


Simpraxis SPAU

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