Simpraxis SPAU trades Sport, Playground, Urban and Amusement Equipment.

The business activity of Simpraxis SPAU is based on trade and imports, always in line with social awareness and respect for the environment.

The longstanding experience and know-how of the company's personnel enables it to provide its customers with simple and affordable, yet specialized products and services.

Through all the change in the international market and due to Simpraxis SPAU's collaborations with other companies of the same sector, it can offer its clients many solutions, as well as more competitive prices. The provision of quality products and services constitutes its operation motivation.


"For us the client is a partner and constitutes

the most important source of our company's reputation"


The perfectly structured organization of SIMPRAXIS SPAU combined with the expertise of its administrative and technical personnel enables the company to provide full technical support in the phases of planning, installation, repair and maintenance.

The philosophy of Simpraxis SPAU, regarding the effective implementation of its services and its final product, is:


Expertise - Organization - Consistency - Quality - Service


Simpraxis SPAU is an ally to your growth. The company's experienced and responsible staff designs products and services through the client's perspective, always aiming to serve and expand your business.

Simpraxis SPAU

218 John Kennedy
12137, Peristeri, Greece

T: (+30) 210 5818002
Κ: (+30) 693 6161288 (COSMOTE)
F: (+30) 210 5323790
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